Hi! I’m Cat, and my mind is full of ideas and thoughts that are about as chaotic as my life. I needed an outlet for these thoughts, so here I am.

I’m a shopper. An impulse shopper at that. The funny thing is that it’s not the expensive, luxury items that I lust after. It’s simple things. Video games, books, pens, paper, and bags. Yes. I said pens and paper. Yes. I’m a nerd. Obviously you’re a nerd, too, since you’re reading this page 😉

Now, if you’re looking for some wordy, in-depth, “I just had an epiphany” type blog, this isn’t it. Sorry to break the news to you. There’s no particular theme to my jot spot. It’s just that. A place for my ramblings as they come to mind. I do keep a journal. Kind of. But there are still thoughts that I want to share with others. Sure, I could reach for my moleskine and pen, but who else other than me is going to be able to see that? Exactly.